Check Inspyr SafetyNET backup status
Posted by Abram Scheulderman on 28 February 2016 12:02 PM

Checking the backup status of Inspyr SafetyNET is very important as it allows you to verify if your LightSpeed database is being backed up properly.

You can check the status of your backups by following either of the following two routines:

Routine 1: On the LightSpeed server computer

1. Click the SafetyNET / Livedrive icon in the upper menu bar.

Menu Item

2. Select Open Control Centre
3. You can now see the status of the SafetyNET / Livedrive dashboard which should indicate the status complete. If complete is not displayed, click Back up now to start the backup process. After a couple of minutes you can see an expected upload completion time of the remaining backups.

4. Once your backup is completed you can use the Settings > Backup Selection pane to verify if your LightSpeed backup directory has been properly selected. This should look something like this:

Backup Selection
5. If both the dashboard and backup selection display the correct information, you are backing up properly.


Routine 2: On any computer

1. You have been provided with login details for your SafetyNET / Livedrive backup environment. Go to the login page and use your credentials to login. If you cannot find your credentials, submit a ticket or send an email to Inspyr Media and we'll gladly provide you with the required details.
2. Once logged in, you will see an overview screen with devices that are connected to the backup system. The last seen date indicates if the device is still connected, but does not indicate that all backups have been completed. Select the device and click view files
Device Selection
3. Once you've clicked view files, you can navigate through the entire backup directory. Open your LightSpeed Daily Backups or Latest backup folder by navigating through the following folders: Users/Shared/LightSpeed/ (or similar) > Backups > _Latest Backup or Daily Backups.
4. In either the _Latest Backup or Daily Backups directory you can see the files and their modification dates. Pick the .LightSpeedBackup file with the most recent modification date and open it by clicking once. You can now see the size, history and versions of the backup file. If the backup file has been properly uploaded you should be able to select the download button in order to download the stored backup. This should indicate that your backups are running as planned.
Backup File
5. Finally: if you scroll down on the file page in the _Latest Backup directory, you will find a list of up to 30 previous versions that have been stored of that file. All of the versions listed on that page can be downloaded, so that you have the option to pick an older version of that file of one or multiple days ago.
File Versions

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